Specialist Flushing & Cleaning Services

Chemical Cleaning

OilReach Ltd collaborate with clients and suppliers to find the most environmentally friendly solutions for tackling the presence of unwanted scale deposits and coating. When it comes to chemical cleaning, we have a set of improved procedures and handling techniques to meet all required environmental legislations and standard.

Video Inspection

Awkward and inaccessible places of process plant can be made visible.

  • OilReach Ltd provides a wide range of visual inspection equipment
  • Equipment is complemented by documentation and CD's, PC software, video reporting and photographs.

Hydro/Retro Jetting

High pressure jetting hoses can be used with both static and rotating nozzles and fluid supplied by either electric or diesel driven pumps.

OilReach Ltd can supply jetting equipment capable of working to ultra high pressures for the removal of inner preservation coatings and paint.

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