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Well Stimulation & Pumping Services

OilReach Ltd Well Stimulation & Pumping Services Division has technically sound equipment and personnel to restore or enhance the productivity of an oil and gas well. Whether a client has encountered a high-pressure or low-pressure situation, OilReach Ltd will tailor a treatment that is fit for purpose. With cost-effective approaches to well stimulation and proven technologies for increasing productivity, OilReach Ltd offers a complete package of stimulation services.

  • Pressure Pumping
  • Nitrogen Application
  • Acidizing Services
  • Matrix Acidizing


Coiled Tubing & Consulting Services

OilReach Ltd expanded Coiled Tubing Services bring value and time savings to your well site. Minimizing downtime is only the beginning of the payoff. These services include matrix and fracture stimulation, fill and scale removal, logging, perforating, nitrogen jet lift, sand control, milling and drilling, cementing, well circulation, and mechanical isolation.


Artificial Lift Services

Our commitment to sound engineering, innovative optimization and troubleshooting techniques, quality manufacturing and professional value-added approach to artificial lift provides the industry with state-of-the-art solutions to everyday production problems.


Filtration Services

We design and provide filtration solutions for the oilfield and petrochemical industries, on - and offshore. Our field experienced engineers are constantly improving and designing filtration processes to handle new filtration solutions.

Completed Fluids Filtration Services

Clean completion fluids are essential for a successful completion of an oil or gas producing well. OilReach Ltd Filtration services offers a full range of equipment for a reliable and effective filtration service such as: vertical pressure leaf (VPL) filter, filter press, slurry skid, duplex cartridge filter unit, slurry skids, pump units, DE powder handling. Our absolute and nominal rated cartridges will complete the total scope of products.


  • Instrumentation Services
  • IT Solution Supply, Services and Network
  • Instrumentation and Data Consulting Services

Surface Facility

Pipeline Cleaning/Pigging Services

OilReach Ltd Pipeline Cleaning/Pigging services increase access to proven reserves, improving asset value and ROI. We pride ourselves in years of experience with different vendor in the Nigerian Oil & Gas industry and pressure pumping experts with reliable resources and guidance.


Nitrogen Purging Services

OilReach Ltd has proven that effective nitrogen services reduce time, risk, and cost on onshore or offshore projects during new construction or turnarounds. Our seasoned experts will work with your team to put in place an effective customized engineering solution in ensuring your project is delivered on time and within budget.

OilReach Ltd delivers liquid or gaseous nitrogen at precisely controlled pressure, temperature, and flow rate where and whenever needed using specialty equipment.

Flow line design and network analysis
Flow line fabrication and installation
Pipe instrumentation services


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