Coiled Tubing Services

OilReach Ltd expanded Coiled Tubing Services bring value and time savings to your well site. Minimizing downtime is only the beginning of the payoff. These services include matrix and fracture stimulation, fill and scale removal, logging, perforating, nitrogen jet lift, sand control, milling and drilling, cementing, well circulation, and mechanical isolation.

How it works

Coiled Tubing uses a continuous metal pipe, which is spooled on a large reel. The pipe is fed downhole in oil and gas wells in order to deliver downhole tools, inject fluids, or perform downhole activities. The primary benefit of Coiled Tubing is the ability to perform interventions on live wells. There is no need to kill the well, which can risk damaging the producing formation. These live well interventions eliminate the time involved in killing a well and bringing it back to a productive state, saving the operator time and money. Another benefit is that Coiled Tubing can be run through existing tubing, eliminating the need for pulling existing production tubing. Not only does this save the time involved in pulling production tubing, it also cancels the expense of redressing the production packer. For injection well applications, operators have seen cost savings of up to 50% and more.

Improved Circulation

When wellbore fluids reduce well production, Coiled Tubing can deliver nitrogen that reduces the hydrostatic column. The lightened column allows formation fluid to unload from the reservoir and lifts the fluid along with light debris.

Accurate Pumping

No matter the job, Coiled Tubing accurately delivers the prescribed treatment fluid to its intended zone. Coiled Tubing provides the unique ability to travel to different depths while pumping. Whether the job is cementing, chemical washes or applying acid for a stimulation procedure, you can be assured that the entire interval has been properly treated.

Plug Milling and Formation Deepenings

Coiled Tubing has the ability to perform drilling and milling operations under live well conditions with the assistance of positive displacement motors (PDM’s). This is a very efficient method of milling bridge plugs, scale, profiles, bridges and formation. Coiled Tubing provides an ability to mill formation in an under balance or balanced condition while preventing damage to the formation from drilling fluids.

Controlled Logging and Perforation

Coiled Tubing’s stiffness is an attractive option for deploying Wireline in horizontal or multilateral wellbores. Instead of depending on gravity to pull perforating or logging tools into a well or pumping the tools down with fluid, Wireline can be placed inside the Coiled Tubing for E-Coil or Stiff Wireline applications. E-Coil operations enable the Wireline tools to be push into deviated wells to the desired position. In other applications, when real time data is not critical, tools can be utilized for pressure and temperature logs. Pressure deployed perforating guns can also be run using Coiled Tubing.

Simplified Production

Over a producing well’s lifetime, reservoir pressure decreases and water production can increase. Coiled Tubing helps increase well performance as a velocity string. It can be placed in existing production tubing or casing to create a smaller annular space or tubing diameter. The smaller space creates higher velocities, giving well production the ability to carry liquids with the gas that might otherwise kill the well.

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